Wednesday 19 January 2011

Welcome to 2011!

2010 has come to an end, and what a rollercoaster year it was! Sport was at the forefront of entertainment in 2010 with the Football World Cup which the All Whites did amazingly well in – even came away un-defeated!

So what will 2011 bring? The build up to the Rugby World Cup will likely be the key topic of conversation in the sporting world. We’ve now entered the year of the Rabbit, which according to the Chinese Zodiac is the luckiest year, and I’m hopeful it will yield some sporting luck!

A New Year usually comes hand-in-hand with resolutions, and promises to oneself - to improve your life or the lives of those who surround you. Admittedly, you and I both know that a few weeks into the New Year, having promised yourself that you will eat healthily, you will be tucking into your Chinese takeaway. New Year’s resolutions often do not work for one reason or another; however, it shouldn’t take a New Year to prompt you to take steps to improve your lifestyle.

As adults (I use that term loosely!) we are constantly encouraging our children to become better at whatever they do, willing them to have the constant desire to increase their own motivation and to achieve greater things. Yet, we often fall short of it ourselves year after year. At Little Kickers, from session to session we aim to improve many different aspects of children’s lives; our carefully planned sessions include progressions that challenge the children both mentally and physically. The reason why adults’ resolutions never appear to work is because they are usually not enjoyable, or involve people making a great sacrifice. Children, however, improve their skills at our classes successfully because they are enjoying themselves.

When thinking about this, I set myself a New Year’s resolution that would both benefit me and be enjoyable. I have decided to join a social indoor football team, as great as I am with a size 1 Little Kickers kid’s football I feel I should start up or join a social indoor football team to get back into the game.

I would be interested to hear what your New Year’s resolutions are; why not leave a comment and let me know. Best of luck with them!

Here’s to a successful 2011.
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