Wednesday 31 October 2012

Lenny's Top Secret Garden Game

Hello Little Kickers! 

Lenny dropped by again and look what he left behind! Another top secret Garden Game for you to try at home. 

Get your kicking boots on and give it a go!

Thursday 25 October 2012

Garden Games

Looking for ideas for your children to practice their football skills at home? Have a look at the games below and have fun teaching them to your kids.

A great way to spend a lovely Sunday afternoon and to keep fit =)

Car garage

Corner of a corner of the garden. This is the car garage. Get your child/children dribbling around the garden. When you blow the whistle, the children have to quickly dribble their football into the car garage. To make it more interesting, you can time how quickly they get their ball into the car garage or you can try to get their balls from your child.

Race mummy/daddy

This is a very simple race game, all you have to do is race your child/children. 

Make sure your child/children dribbles the ball in and out of the cones and keeps the ball nice and close. 

Hope you have a ball trying out these games!

Thursday 11 October 2012

Player Profile - Aston & Sienna - 6yrs

We have 2 player profiles in one post again this month but this time we have TWINS! Introducing Aston & Sienna...

Name:  Aston and Sienna Pickmere

Age: 6

Venues of Little Kickers attended: Mega Kickers Mt Albert/ Previously Takapuna

How long have you been coming to Little Kickers? 
2 Terms

What is your favourite little Kickers game? 
Aston: Leap Frog    
Sienna: Crab Game

What do you like best about little kickers? 
Playing games

What do you want to be when you grow up? 
Aston: Scientist  
Sienna: Vet

What’s your favourite healthy food? 

Aston: Pears, Feijoas  
Sienna: Nectarine

Who is your favourite coach? 
Aston: Coach Andrew and Coach Raphael  
Sienna: Coach Raphael 

What do you love? 
Aston: Trashies  
Sienna: Chasing the coaches to put the balls away.

Parent says: 
Really good for honing their skills playing on the quick surface.  The kids confidence has improved and this is reflected when playing games on Saturdays.  They love Mega Kickers and will be back for preseason training early next year.
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