Tuesday 7 June 2011

Player Profile - Daniel Doherty - 4

I have had the pleasure of coaching Daniel Doherty while a Junior Kicker at Takapuna, he has now moved up to Mighty Kickers and continues to thrive at Little Kickers with Coach's Nikki & Lisa.

Here is Daniel’s Player Profile Interview ...

Name: Daniel Doherty
Age: 4
Venues attended around the world: Takapuna (Auckland, New Zealand)
How long have you been coming to Little Kickers? 2 years
What is your favourite Little Kickers game? “the drills that involve scoring goals and the warm up when you run around the cones and jump over the cones marked out.”
What do you like best about little kickers? “Kicking the soccer ball around.”
What do you want to be when you grow up? Doctor
What’s your favourite healthy food? Chicken Nibbles
Who is your favourite coach? Coach Nikki & Lisa (and Yvette when she comes)
What do you love? Mummy, Daddy, Natalie and all my family. Also I love playing games.

Daniel’s Dad says: It is a great activity and has really helped develop Daniel’s co-ordination. He looks forward to soccer every Saturday and the games and activities are lots of fun. The coaches offer good encouragement and Little Kickers has helped his confidence a lot.

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