Wednesday 29 August 2012

Player Profile - Stella & Julia - 4 & 2yrs

Player Profile - Stella & Julia - 4 & 2yrs

We have 2 player profiles in one post this month, sisters, Stella & Julia, who attend our sessions at Takapuna.

Name:  Stella & Julia Burns

Age: 4 & 2

Venues of Little Kickers attended: Takapuna

How long have you been coming to Little Kickers? 
Stella since she was 2 
Julia since she was 18months (Total 2 yrs for Stella and 1 yr for Julia)

 What is your favourite little Kickers game? 
Stella: Big kicks and being the goalie 
Julia: Big kicks and jumping

What do you like best about little kickers? 
Stella: Seeing my friends and the coaches 
Julia: Wearing my goal shoes!

What do you want to be when you grow up? 
Stella: A mummy 
Julia: A fireman

What’s your favourite healthy food? 
Stella: Spinach lasagne & spaghetti bolognese 
Julia: Porridge

Who is your favourite coach? Stella & Julia: Daddy, Nicky & Lisa

What do you love? 
Stella: Reading books 
Julia: Staying up late

Parent says: 
We love taking the girls to "goal" each Saturday morning. They always enjoy themselves and we have watched them learn not just skills like big kicks and little kicks but also colours, counting, and more importantly, how to follow instructions, listen to teachers, and play well with others.

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